Client Newsletter 2024 (Tax Year 2023)

January 22, 2024

Dear Valued Clients,

As we embark on another tax season, we are updating everyone on how we will operate this year.  Our mother is doing well but we are no longer able to take her to and from the office every day.  As a result, Deb and Jessica will be working opposite schedules this year so that one of us is always with Mom.  Because of this schedule Deb is currently only doing sit down appointments on Tuesdays.  Therefore, her appointments will be limited and if you want a sit-down appointment with her, we encourage you to make the appointment as soon as possible but please make sure you have all of your necessary paperwork.  She is able to work from home and is still accepting drop-offs.  Leslie will be doing sit-down appointments on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays and is also accepting drop-offs.

For all clients we offer the following options for getting your taxes done:

  1. Dropping off your paperwork in-person with our receptionist. They will take your paperwork, gather contact information, ask you a few questions, and make any notes you may have for your preparer.  A preparer will then prepare your return, contact you with any follow-up questions, and let you know when your return is complete. Following the completion of your return you may come in to sign paperwork and pick up your copies at the front desk.
  2. Utilizing our Client Portal. On our website at we have a client portal that allows you to securely upload your documents.  This method is more secure than traditional email or text.  For initial set-up you will need to contact the office via phone at (419) 499-2534 or email at to request an invite.  We will then send you an invite via email that will guide you through setting up your username and password.  Once this step is done you may begin uploading your documents.  The portal also allows for notes to be written back and forth between you and your preparer.  If you have used the portal in previous years you may continue to use the username and password you already have.
  3. Sit down appointments. Again, Deb will only be available for appointments on Tuesdays.  Leslie will be doing in person appointments on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

**Drop-offs and portal submissions are worked on in the order that they come in, regardless of the complexity or simplicity of the return so we suggest getting your paperwork in as soon as you have everything.  Sometimes drop-off turn around can be a few weeks.

We have had to implement necessary price increases this year.  We’ve worked really hard to keep our pricing down and fair but we’ve had to adjust to the cost of supplies and operating costs increasing.  As always, we still offer our Fee Collect option which allows you to have our fee taken directly from your refund at no extra cost to you.  This year we are also implementing a $50 charge for amended returns that need to be made due to missed paperwork or dependent changes etc. so please make sure you have all of your paperwork before getting your taxes done.  We will not charge for the amendment if the amendment needs done due to an error made by us.

**Please note that any paperwork brought in after April 1st will not be guaranteed to be completed by the filing date of April 15th and you may be put on extension.  It is also important to note that an extension is NOT an extension of time to pay, if you owe, your balance due will be subject to interest and penalties.

We can begin electronically filing on Monday January 29th and beginning that day our office hours will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 9 am – 7 pm and Wednesday & Saturday 9 am – 4 pm.

Stay up to date on our hours and any weather-related closures by following our Facebook page.